Tascam Model 16

As pretty as the Allen & Heath ZED24 mixer clearly is, I had arranged for its return before it even arrived. The mixer would be amazing if it was going to be used for live venues where a simple left and right track would suffice.

Image courtesy of TASCAM.

In its place I’ve gone and ordered a Tascam Model 16. While the ZED24 comes with 8 more inputs, the Model 16 has some of what the Zed24 is missing. With it, I can get a stereo mix as well as 14 individual audio tracks all simultaneously pumped into the DAC. It also features a Bluetooth input (it could come in handy) and an SD card slot to record without connecting to a computer.

The ZED24 is a mixer. The Model 16 is a mixer, an audio interface, and a recorder all in one. I’m a little disappointed that the distinction wasn’t clear enough before I made the initial purchase. Fortunately the vendor made the exchange easy and rather painless.

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