TASCAM Series 8p Dyna Mic Preamp

These preamps let you add eight dual XLR/TRS inputs to your audio setup. You can connect two of these by optical cable to the TASCAM Series 208i audio interface (which has four combo XLR/TRS inputs of its own) to make for a total of twenty combo inputs on my studio tower.

In this configuration, audio quality maxes out at 24 bit, 96 kHz. As an alternate configuration, you can connect one of these using TWO optical cables to the Series 208i to get the maximum of 12 inputs at 24 bit, 192 kHz.

The two front inputs are capable of low-impedance input signals (such as what your electric guitar uses when plugged directly in)

Tascam SERIES 8p Dyna | 8-Channel Mic Preamp With Analogue Compressor

The Series 8p Dyna features per-input analogue compression and independently selectable per channel +48v phantom power.

The Series 208i has an internal WORD clock. These preamps also have a WORD clock. I set one of these Series 8p preamps as the master WORD clock. Then I set the second as a passthrough and the 208i at the end of the chain. This keeps everything nicely in sync.

This has been working perfectly in Studio One. It was relatively easy to setup and is doesn’t cause me too many headaches in use.

TASCAM Series 8p Dyna Mic Preamp

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