TASCAM Series 102i USB Audio/MIDI Interface

I originally purchased the TASCAM Series 102i to make it easier to use microphones and my electric guitar on my iPad. For that purpose, it turned out to be a pretty solid choice. As my needs changed, this USB audio interface was paired with my laptop computer and a TASCAM Series 8p Dyna mic preamp for my podcast/interview table setup.

This device features two TRS/XLR combo jacks on the front and an optical input for connecting one Series 8p Dyna to reach its maximum inputs. The Series 102i’s front inputs both include 48v phantom power and are low-impedance instrument ready.

The unit is intuitive; everything just works, so it’s easy for a novice to get up and running.

The sound is clean and the computer screen based controls to modify the sound (EQ, etc.) is intuitive and responsive.

The Series 102i feels solid, being a tight metal box with no cheap feeling parts. It’s sturdy and is designed to sit on your desktop. It’s an attractive unit.

TASCAM Series 102i USB Audio/Midi Interface

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