Furman M-8×2

On more than one occasion I’ve heard what sounded like a radio broadcast over my headphones in between recordings. It’s pretty amazing what seems capable of traveling through your home electrical wiring. So, aside from the important circuit breaker aspect, that is why I added a power conditioner to my rack.

This device handles 15 amps of power shared between 8 switched outlets on the back and one on the front. It’s supposed to help protect my gear by keeping the electrical flow from damaging fluctuations with its cleaner power. Additionally, power strips largely only temporarily handle some of a surge while still letting power get into your gear. This, on the other hand, has a resettable circuit breaker that trips and gives a better chance of protecting that expensive gear from damage.

I’d much rather replace this $80 device than any single piece of gear.

This power conditioner takes up 1U of rack space, so it’s easy to fit in at the top of any standard rack.

Everything in my office/control room now runs through the power conditioner, without any strain on the amp capacity.

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