When we were about to get to the Lincoln Tunnel my phone was clipped to the passenger side visor to record the experience. This was repeated as we left the city, and through each of the four tunnels through Pennsylvania mountains along our route home.

Rather than share our conversation, I replaced the audio with my own musical creation. I had originally had an original one minute track on loop which was a bit arduous to listen to by the end. The current background music was created by arranging and manipulating licensed audio samples into a video length continuous track. I tried to make a noticeable change in the music for the transitions from one tunnel to the next. I saved the arrangement as “Tunnel Workshop”.

“Tunnel Workshop” arrangement for the Lincoln Tunnel video.

I used Vegas Pro 14 to create the original edited video. I used Vegas Pro 16 to edit and apply changes to this video and Studio One 5 to edit and manipulate the audio samples.

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