“In Love with You”

I wrote a love song for my girlfriend. Keep in mind I don’t play any instruments and I’m not a singer. So I copy and pasted drum strikes to make a beat. Then everything started coming together.

I’ve been slowly gaining experience creating musical pieces using samples. I can’t play the drums so, for this track, I created a kick drum beat by copying and pasting a one-shot from my sample library. From there I built the song up one layer at a time. For example, I found a snare drum strike I liked and a closed hi-hat sound that fit and copy and pasted like crazy.

For some extra feeling, I recorded my friend Smokin’ Joe Rodak as he played my Fender Strat along to my existing music. For the first half he pretty much played in line with the acoustic guitar. For the second half I asked him to improvise and play what he felt was right for the moment.

Then I did what I would like to think of as “singing”. Yeah, that’s me on vocals. It took me three takes to create the layers. The first layer “I’m so in love with you” is my straight vocals with a little assistance from Autotune. The second layer “Hey, baby” uses Antares’ Harmony Engine to sound something like four vocalists singing together. The final layer “And every time I look into your eyes…” uses a mutation effect to make for the affected vocals.


You’re like a dream come true (Don’t wake me)
I’m feeling deja vu (The same thing)
All days are good with you

And I could look into your eyes
another hundred thousand times because

I’m so in love with you (My baby)
I know you love me too (That’s crazy)
Hard times were all we knew

But when I look into your eyes
all I see is paradise and so

My heart is truly true (No fakin’)
I’ll gladly be your fool (Just playin’)
Now getting back to you

I love to look into your eyes
for my best surprising prize and so

I love the number two (Oh baby)
Like in those eyes on you (I’m sayin’)
My favorite shade of blue

And when I look into your eyes
I see the colors of the skies and now

I’ll share my life with you (I’m waitin’)
Do anything you want me to (I’m sayin’)
We’ll bake some cookies too

And we’ll make the kind you like
in the middle of the night; Let’s go!

I’ll spend my nights with you (My lady)
You’ll be my little spoon (Hey, hey, hey)
Cash in that IOU

And as we drift into the night
I hold you in my arms so tight and then

I’ll wake up next to you (I’m prayin’)
All my days are brand new (In some way)
Be my babe I’ll be your boo

From the new day’s sunlight
to the middle of the night

You like me and I like you (I’m stayin’)
No matter how or what we do (It’s hazy)
I want to be with you

I’d fly a hundred thousand miles
Just to see your pretty smile because

My heart is just for you (It’s beatin’)
What ever did I do (Deservin’)
Someone so right as you

You’re the girl that makes me proud
so I want to sing out loud to you

Can’t wait to be with you (Or maybe)
I love my love with you (So say me)
My actions are my proof

You make me always want to reach
to be the best that I can be

I’m so in love with you (Hey baby)
I know you love me too (That’s crazy)
It’s always me and you

And when I look into your eyes
I see I found my paradise…

  • Song Time: 4 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • 96 beats per minute
  • 4:4 common time

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