On Your Feet

I wrote this one afternoon while sitting with my feet up on my girlfriend’s couch.

Old kicks, new shoes,
Bright whites, light blues,
Ankle high, size three's,
Ugg boots, to your knees,
High tops, high heels,
Moccasins, back wheels,
One swoosh, three stripes,
All-Stars, all types,
Boat shoes, just socks,
Work boots, flip flops,
Sandals and slippers,
The ones with the zippers,
Bowlers, golf cleats,
Runners, and bare feet,
LEDs, bright lights,
Air Force Ones, British Knights,
Over legs, over toes,
Thigh highs, pantyhose,
Deck shoes, pleather,
Oxfords and leather,
Rain boots, size two's,
Slip-ons, snow shoes,
Take the time, try to care,
On which you stand, on what you wear.

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