Opening Harley Davidson 1993 Beer Can in 2022

I needed the sound of a beer can opening for a project I’m working on. My dad suggested I try this duplicate can from his collection. It’s not often that I get to open an old can as most have already been emptied from the bottom to preserve the seal.

I ultimately combined the sounds from four (4) TASCAM TM-80 microphones to create the final audio track. I discarded the audio from the ZOOM H4n Pro as it picked up too much handling noise, and from the Behringer gooseneck as it was too low to use (but worth a try).

Feel free to download and use this file as part of your own unique audio and video creations. Please do not make this file available for individual download or as part of any collection of sounds not in the form of your own unique audio track or video production.

48kHz, 24 bit WAV audio file

Click here to download the Harley Davidson can WAV file.

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