The Anyhoos @ Home 2022

In late April goodsoundwaves took a short drive to Alliance, Ohio to record our friends, The Anyhoos, at their rehearsal session. This recording has been made into the first Sessions podcast!

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This was the first time that I ever recorded audio on location. I recorded this with a Zoom H4n field recorder and three Behringer dynamic mics plugged into the TASCAM Model 16 mixer. Next time I’ll bring more mic cables!

Song titles, in order of performance:

  1. “Stories and Gold”
  2. “End Up Alright”
  3. “Hey You”
  4. “The Good Life”
  5. “Happy Again”
  6. “The Bunny Song”
  7. “One Day”
  8. “Friendzone”
  9. “Circles”
  10. “It Takes Two”
  11. “Stay at Home”

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The Anyhoos are: (on this release)

  • Jesse Myers, vocals, guitar
  • Victor Murdock, bass guitar, vocals
  • Toni Claxton, drums, percussion
  • Henry Post, guitar

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