I Sound Fine

Here’s a poem of sorts about how I can’t really sing. I’m thinking about putting it to music.

Then I’ll really show you!

I can't sing, a single song,
The sounds keep coming, out all wrong,
No matter what, I try to convey,
It never comes, out that way,
Instead of it being, a song that I'm singing,
It's more some sad, alley cat I'm wringing,
The last bit of life, out of its throat
Or maybe a frog, that's trying to croak,
Trying to be, more than could be,
Like someone that, you needed to sing,
It's up in my head, where I fall to the fight,
Why is it my ears, they never sound right,
As I try, to get these words  out,
The sound it changes, and turns out quite foul,
I don't think it's the lyrics, but rather my voice,
The one I was given, it wasn't by choice,
Is it called singing, when you can't sing,
It feels like fear, or much the same thing,
But whatever it is, I'll put it behind,
Listen here bitches, I think I sound fine.

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