AKAI MPK249 MIDI Keyboard Controller

I absolutely love this MIDI keyboard controller! When I was researching keyboard controllers I kept seeing this specific model showing up in music videos, which felt like a pretty solid endorsement from the music community.

The AKAI MPK249 is a semi-weighted keyboard with eight faders, eight pots, eight toggles, and 16 pads. There are easily selectable presets for around 20 different DAWs and virtual instruments, such as Studio One, which I had just started using.

This controller was simple to start using. Just plug in the USB cable and the computer powers the unit. It has connections for MIDI, as well as one each for a sustain and an expression pedal, making for a dynamic playing experience.

There are eight each of (1) faders, (2) pots, and (3) switches to make controlling your DAW or VST virtual instruments a little easier.

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