PreSonus Notion 6

As a person with no experience with music other than some elementary school music classes, this program is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I have actually begun composing original music. Notion lets you play your midi keyboard, enter notes individually, or even draw on the staff!

The PC/Mac version comes included with the PreSonus Sphere membership plan. Included are a bunch of high-quality instruments. These are used to play your music notation with the option to bounce them to WAV audio files (as well as midi, etc.).

The iPad version is sold separately for about $15. It’s another $29 to unlock all the instruments. Then there’s another $9 to enable Apple Pencil support. While it’s a sizeable investment, it’s one I don’t regret in the slightest.

By moving a Notion save file back and forth from my computer to my iPad I was able to casually put together one of my first compositions with minimal effort.

This sample file was created using a mix of midi keyboard, on-screen keyboard, and Apple Pencil. I know absolutely nothing about music yet this program makes me feel like I know more about what I’m doing than what I thought. If you don’t know how to read music, playing with Notion makes it come almost naturally.

With in-app control of balance and levels, it was pretty easy making a basic mixdown. The software also allows you to export stems of the generated audio to play around with in your DAW, in this case Studio One.

PreSonus Notion 6

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