goodsoundwaves is announcing this EP release from the home studio, “reMastered”, which features “In Love with You” and three other tracks that may sound better than the originals. As a bonus (?), the one-off track “Chess Club September 2020” is included. These are all original songs from Northeast Ohio’s binaryEXPLOSION.

These track were recorded in the goodsoundwaves home studio, and were mixed and mastered by binaryEXPLOSION.

Cover art by binaryEXPLOSION.

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You can play the full tracks here, and you can download the MP3 files for FREE.

In Love with You (Remastered)

Be That Guy (Remastered)

Vertigo (Remastered)

Chess Club September 2020 (Remastered)

℗ 2022 goodsoundwaves

© 2022 binaryEXPLOSION