J.J. Vicars @ Tiki Underground 2022

We recently recorded audio and video of our friend, local recording artist, J.J. Vicars, as he performed a non-stop three hour set at Tiki Underground in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

J.J. performed in front of a packed house. There was a lot of energy in the room.

Here, for you to stream and DOWNLOAD FOR FREE is audio from the performance.

He played high tempo songs with precision for a solid three hours. This video features just about everything we recorded with only his guitar changes edited out.

Video was recorded at 4K on a pair of Samsung Galaxy S21 series phones. I placed one on each side of the small stage. It turns out I need a third to get shots from the front or to show the atmosphere; lesson learned.

I had intended to record using the TASCAM Model 16 mixer, but the limited space called for a different solution. Fortunately I had brought a Zoom H4n Pro field recorder, which I used to record from a pair of Behringer dynamic mics. Audio from the camera phones was included to help fill in the sound of the room, which is why you can hear the audience.

As for the venue, the décor definitely lives up to the name. The service was fast and friendly and there were some pretty good appetizers on the menu.

Visit Tiki Underground’s website to learn more about their menu and to check out their online shop.

Visit J.J. Vicars’ website to learn more about the artist.

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