Lo-Watt Radio – Thousand Days of Rain

This album review was from our original website. It was written by the late Rachel Reeder as one of her many contributions to the goodsoundwaves project. I’m including it now as a tribute to my friend and because it’s a really good Americana album. Originally posted November 3, 2011.

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Lo-Watt Radio is far past, “Alabama Avenue” with the release of their first full length album, “A Thousand Days of Rain.” These five Northeast Ohioans are no stranger to hard work; they have been steadily working the scene since 2009. They have expanded beyond a simple Americana style, bringing life and excitement back to Roots Rock. In every track you hear a little something different. While it may be an infusion of Rock, Bluegrass, or the occasional Dobro; “A Thousand Days of Rain” leaves you wanting more… every time! Lo-Watt Radio has produced a quality album, with an acute cohesiveness.

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In 2009, Michael Harven and Ron Cerosky began their journey together as Lo-Watt Radio. While these two had been a part of other projects, they soon found a kinship within the music and themselves. Joel Eric Geiser was brought in as percussionist, as he was for Michael’s previous band. Even though this three piece band had an established sound, they found themselves in need of a little something more. With a bit of luck and some help from Craigslist, Doc Blankenhorn was exactly what the doctor ordered. These four then set out to make the best music they could, with a passion unmatched in the Northeast Ohio scene. By August of 2009, Lo-Watt Radio released a 5 track EP, “Crushing Plants.” This teaser was a vision of what was to come. This album has a mix of rock, country, bluegrass, and even a little Alien invasion. Lo-Watt Radio wasted no time in cementing their brand of Americana. The recent addition of a keyboard and guitarist, Evan Moran gives a new layer of sound in their current album, “A Thousand Days of Rain.” Lo-Watt Radio is limitless in what they can achieve, and I believe are soon to take this nation by storm.

Michael writes from the heart and brings his life experience to this album. His quirky style evokes situations we have all gone through. “Alabama Avenue” speaks of the daily mundane and the familiar feelings of same place, same faces. My personal favorite ballad is, “Side of the Road.” This true story will chill your bones, while warming your heart with its soft breakdowns. “Saints and Sinners” has a lot of country flare, but the premise is simple: Even good people have the potential (and do) evil. Overall each song smoothly transitions into the next. Michael’s writing ability and profound perspective is what binds this album together.

Each track of the album, while individually unique, features a common enthusiasm, flair, and crafty lyrical style. From beginning to end Lo-Watt Radio put the right ingredients together, and gives you the equivalent of a gourmet meal for your ears. Cohesive is this album’s middle name.

Lo-Watt Radio’s “Thousand Days of Rain” highlights the band’s vast instrumental experience. Despite the widely varied instruments selected for individual tracks, each is played with impassioned skillfulness. Listening to any track could feature a fiddle, dulcimer, or even the mandolin – in addition to the standard bass, acoustic and electric guitars, and percussion. One can also find smooth harmonica and accordion injections. Needless to say this album is rich in instruments and also in the passion of the players.

Lead vocalist Michael Harvan brings a voice that is entrancing. He has the ability to project his voice and truly rock, swoon out sweet ballads, and even give you some down home country flavor. His mildly quirky, rather unique vocals give life and add feeling to his already crafty lyrics.

From “Alabama Avenue” to “Forevermore” your ears will be captivated. This album has songs we can all relate to: with Country licks, hot shredding guitars, breakdowns that are body grooving good, and insightful hair raising ballads. These boys didn’t come out to play, they came to win. Lo-Watt Radio’s debut comes off as something fresh. This is certainly not your everyday predictable folk sound. This compilation is energetic and proverbially present. Lo-Watt Radio has accomplished making an album that anyone can enjoy as well as relate to.

Stream “Thousand Days of Rain” on Amazon Music!

Stream “Thousand Days of Rain” on Spotify!

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