Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone

This is a truly dynamic microphone in that it’s handled everything I’ve thrown at it with ease. I mostly use this for in-studio vocals but it’s part of my drum recording setup as well.

With vocals the Shure SM7B excels at capturing a warmth I haven’t been able to catch with other dynamic mics. If an artist already sounds good, they’ll sound great singing into one of these. This microphone emphasizes the mid ranges and lower highs, while allowing some proximity effect if you come right up on it.

The Shure SM7B works well as a kick drum mic, fitting nicely into the port hole. The resistance to high pressures allows it to handle the force of even the most enthusiastic drummer. If there’s no port hole on the drums, then I might resort instead for the Shure SM57 which I can snug up against the drumhead.

The range for music, from bassy lows to satisfying highs, is a impressive. For podcasts, this mic is as generous for the spoken voice as it is for impromptu performances. I feel like it gives almost anyone a certain “radio voice” presence.

More of this mic are definitely on my wish list.

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