Gator G-MIX-12 PU Pop-Up Mixer Case

I mounted my TASCAM Model 16 mixer into this case to protect it when goodsoundwaves records on location, mostly for the gsw Sessions podcast. From my experience,. there aren’t a lot of readily available cases for mixers as big as the Model 16. This case fits, plus there’s room for a power conditioner at the top!

The Model 16 mounted into the Gator G-MIX-12 PU mixer case.
The mixer easily lifts up and locks into place at a whole range of angles. Just lift all the way to unlock.
The Gator G-MIX-12 PU mixer case, closed, standing upright.
There’s plenty of room for microphones and cables under the mixer.
The Model 16 laying flat in the case. The microphones and cables still fit underneath.

As previously noted, there’s room at the top of the case’s rack space for a 1U shallow piece of gear. I added a Furman power conditioner to serve as my built-in power strip.

The case is sturdy, made of what appears to be injection molded semi-rigid black plastic with metal locks, trims, hinges, etc. I have used my Gator keyboard stand to hold the case up at a more usable level. When I do this the case seems to bend under its own weight on the two areas of contact; a small table might be needed instead.

I sometimes also sit the case flat on the ground and record, which is pretty easy should your personal mobility permit.

With the TASCAM Model 16 mixer loaded into the case, this is one fairly heavy item. I have resorted to accessory bags instead of overloading the case.

The part of the case that holds the rails has a braided strap to help you pull the unit up from its travel position. Unfortunately, the strap broke off after only a few uses. The rivet wasn’t wide enough to keep hold of the strap. This is an inconvenience and not enough for me to return the case.

Also of note, it took around four months from ordering to fulfillment from Sweetwater as this case appears to be made on demand rather than stocked.

The most important part is I feel confident my gear is protected when it’s mounted in this Gator case.

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