Thank You for 2022

First of all, thank you to J.J. Vicars for use of his new track “Twistin’ and Turnin’” for this video. Thank you also to all the musicians and friends that I had the opportunity to engage with over the past year.

2022 was the year that, with urging from some of those same friends, goodsoundwaves started podcasting. We don’t do it often and we probably don’t do it well, but it’s been great fun. We interviewed a few artists (Joe Rodak, Cletus Stimpy, Davey Squires, and J.J. Vicars), recorded some music (The Anyhoos), and even once had a hastily thrown together show about aliens.

goodsoundwaves participated in the release of new music from Smokin’ Joe Rodak (“Children”), Cletus Stimpy (“Sessions EP”), and The Anyhoos (“goodsoundwaves Sessions”). There’s music still being worked on that you’ll get to hear in 2023!

Starting in the fall of 2022 I figured out multi-camera video. Since then goodsoundwaves has released music videos from The Anyhoos, The 2 J’s, Joe Nock, Josee McGee, and J.J. Vicars. Upcoming shows include The Scenic Route, Urban Honey, Gosinicc, The Most Beautiful Losers, and more!

This year I successfully tracked, for the first time, acoustic drums, saxophones, harmonicas, and bass and guitar amps. Then I got to mix the tracks. “Twistin’ and Turnin’” is a fantastic example.

Thank you to everyone that was a part of any aspect of this past year at goodsoundwaves. Thank you for making 2022 sound infinitely better than I could have anticipated.

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