Hello, 2023!

Last year was the first full year of recording artists in my little home studio. This year will be my first full year of recording artists on location, and for recording video of performances. This will be the second year of the goodsoundwaves podcast. There’s a fun year ahead.

We are currently trying to complete two albums, one for J.J. Vicars and one for The 2 J’s. Both artists have some completed tracks with others ready for recording. As I only offer a couple of studio sessions each week, determination and showing up will be needed to succeed. Thankfully I’m doing this with artists like J.J. Vicars who always comes in with a plan and swiftly executes.

We’ll be starting this year’s videos with a private Sessions performance by Lauren Brabson. We’ll then be taping a live performance by The Scenic Route at Jerzees in Belden Village on Friday the 13th. The videos will likely be edited in the order they were shot, so they’ll hopefully be available to stream sometime the next week. January ends with our first ever shows from Buzzbin’s new location in Kenmore. There we’ll be recording Gosinicc’s performance with audio recordings provided by Travis Arrendale.

February will feature tapings of The Most Beautiful Losers and The Anyhoos, both also at Buzzbin (and both with Travis Arrendale as house engineer), plus Urban Honey as they play Westside Bowl in Youngstown.

In addition to her private Sessions performance, Lauren Brabson will also be the featured guest of this year’s first podcast episode! Coach Cletus will join as co-host as we discuss her music. In February we’ll be recording an interview/discussion with local artist Ben Tennison.

Those are the first couple of months. I’m currently scheduling for March video sessions.

As goodsoundwaves is definitely not a professional studio, I’ve been seeking out local studios that would be better suited for artists looking to create their next release. In addition to obvious local studios such as Real Grey Records, I’m looking to include smaller studios, even home studios, that are run by professionals. This month I’ll be meeting with Steven Beck in his newly renovated home studio space; I intend to visit a home studio before recommending it to visitors.

I’ll keep reaching out to artists I find interesting and we’ll see what comes about.

Thank you for your interest in goodsoundwaves!

See you at the shows!

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