The Scenic Route @ Jerzees 2023

On Friday the 13th of January 2023, The Scenic Route performed at Jerzees in Belden Village. Their set consisted mostly of covers with a few originals included. I had problems with the recording from the field recorder I had connected to the stage mixer, so a lot of what you hear was captured with the cell phone camera mics.

0:02 Sucker (Cover)
3:12 Brass In Pocket (Cover)
6:33 Rolling In the Deep (Cover)
10:22 Same Old Ghosts (Original)
13:46 Wild (Original)
16:54 Burn Out Bright (Original)

As an alternate version, I went and encoded a copy with the Video Effects (VFX) turned off. The effect I was using made everything rather blue. What you get here is what the phone cameras picked up, which tended towards pink tones.

Audio and video was captured using Samsung Galaxy S Series camera phones. Cameras were operated by Amanda and The Other Guy. Video and audio was edited by The Other Guy.

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