“The Blue Light” by Gosinicc

Not gonna lie, I really miss Warped Tour. I miss the raw energy of the malcontents, singing and screaming their dissatisfaction with their unwitting indoctrination and the shitty hands they feel they’ve been dealt.

Enter Gosinicc.

Lead singer and songwriter Gosinicc (né Ethan Boggs) gives a performance that belies a gentle personality. The song starts with Toni Devoe‘s thumping drum beat and Nicc‘s driving bassline. Triggy and Hank deliver guitar hits that carry Ethan through the verses up to dramatic transformations into a screaming demonstration of genuine frustration.

I feel like this band belongs on a bigger stage.

Of the performances I’ve witnessed, this was one of my favorites.

Before you go… here’s a close second favorite track from Gosinicc… “Irreversible Sin” is an angsty track about the hypocrisy of the present. It’s got a great, dark sound that’s a trademark of the band.

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