Steve Beck Studios

“A home studio with a professional sound.”

Akron, Ohio

Steve Beck is a producer who specializes in “bringing an artist’s music to life by giving the song everything it needs; a full arrangement of any instrumentation, quality recording and attention to perfection in the tracking process, and a larger than life, creative mix that caters to the artists style and direction.”

Image courtesy of Steve Beck Studios.

He’s a music producer, educator, and performer from Akron, Ohio. He teaches guitar, bass, and ukulele at a local music store in addition to playing in the groups Rocks and Roots and Sproot.

Steve has a bachelors degree from Kent State University in Music Technology where he specialized in Music Production and Audio Recording, with additional training in classical composition.

Image courtesy of Steve Beck Studios.

This is a home studio in a remodeled basement. It consists of a control room and larger live room. The facility has been treated for sound isolation.

There is room for a full band to track with a limitation of 16 input channels.

This is a Logic Pro X based studio.

Image courtesy of Steve Beck Studios.

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