Love, and Joy, and You

Youth once shattered, scattered like broken glass,
A childhood marred by pain and suffering,
The memories of hurt and fear amassed,
A life that should have been a different thing.
The bruises on the skin and scars within,
The secrets kept behind closed doors of shame,
The little voice that dared not make a din,
The silence that endured through all the blame.
But somehow, in the midst of all that pain,
A seed of hope took root and grew and thrived,
A strength that rose up like a hurricane,
A will to live and love and to survive.
It took a thousand little steps to heal,
To trust, to learn, to break the cycle's hold,
To let the light of hope and love reveal,
The beauty of a life that's new and bold.
For every night of terror and of dread,
A day of kindness, safety, and of peace,
For every tear that fell upon the bed,
A smile that bloomed, a heart that found release.
And though the scars may never fade away,
And though the memories may still remain,
The heart that once was broken finds its way,
To love, to heal, to dance, to sing again.
For every survivor of such abuse,
Know that you are strong, you are enough,
That though the road is long, the path is bruised,
You have the power to rise up, to be tough.
And in the end, the light of hope will shine,
A beacon of a life that's new and true,
A life that's yours, a life that's wholly thine,
A life that's filled with love, and joy, and you.

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