Toolebox & The Crew @ Buzzbin 2023

This is a fun band to witness. Toolebox & The Crew performed a bunch of their country rock originals. Here’s the full set.

goodsoundwaves was invited to record the band by Buzzbin’s house audio engineer, Travis. It turns out he plays bass in this five-man show.

  • Jeremy Toolebox – lead vocals, guitar
  • Travis Arrendale – bass, backing vocals
  • AJ Rutter – banjo, guitar, backing vocals
  • Gary Gerber – violin (or “fiddle”, depending on how he feels that day)
  • Matt Mcclead – drums

The crowd was really receptive to the band’s energy.

Gary Gerber put on his own show with his impassioned playing and energetic hops while adding his bowed strings to the band’s full sound.

Matt Mcclead put everything into each and every song, with precise hard hits driving the band’s performance. Travis on bass provided a solid backing for the electric guitars and banjo.

I’d get into the individual songs, but that’s more journalism than I came prepared to present. They sound great. They sound together. They are fun. Watch the video above for the entire performance of Toolebox & The Crew live at Buzzbin and see for yourself.

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