Joe Nock

Co-host of the goodsoundwaves podcast!

Joe is a singer/songwriter from Canton, Ohio.

He got his first guitar at 8 years old and, after almost twenty years, he can finally play “Smoke on the Water”. He’s self taught other than several years of choir back when he was in school.

Musical Style

Joe is a singer/songwriter that often performs his songs to acoustic guitar. His music has a country feel.


Joe is fluent on the guitar though he cannot read sheet music. He can play the piano without cats hissing, and he’s known to “not sound terrible” on bass, violin, and cowbell.

Musical Interests

“When it comes to a specific genre, I’m not that guy. If a song tells a story, gets my foot tapping, or even just gets a decent hook stuck in my head, that’s the closest thing to a favorite genre. I guess I’ll go with good sound waves.”

Talk Show

In addition to his musical pursuits, Joe has a great deal of interest in podcasting and talk show formats. He’s co-host of the goodsoundwaves podcast!

Ever since he heard the top 40 country countdown back in the 1990s he’s been infatuated with the concept of someone going through the best of the best music and sharing their insights. He was also always drawn to hearing how and why the songs were written.

“Just the best way to spend a few hours if you ask me.”

the goodsoundwaves podcast

Co-Host, Episode 3, Cletus Stimpy ■ March 7, 2022

Co-Host, Episode 2, Smokin’ Joe Rodak  ■ February 23, 2022

Co-Host, Episode 1, Introductions ■ February 7, 2022

Radio Role Model

“My radio role model, if I had one, would be Larry King. Now there’s a guy that can tell you a funny joke and not skip a beat. Never changed over the years, same guy, same show. Relevance.”

In Summary

Joe’s experience working with multiple generations of people has allowed him to be constantly exposed to different genres and flavors of music. He even likes some of that new music stuff.

“All in all, music saved my life. Still doing so.”

Joe is excited to be sharing his love of music with you on our podcast and through his own creations!

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