Smokin’ Joe Rodak is a lifelong performer from Alliance, Ohio.

He’s been playing guitar for over fifty years. In August 2020 he released his “Best of” compilation of original songs.

Smokin’ Joe Rodak was the featured guest for episode 2 of the goodsoundwaves podcast. He has over fifty years playing and 40 years teaching experience.

Episode 002 February 2022
“Best of” Smokin’ Joe Rodak
  1. She’s a Lady
  2. Feel It
  3. Nightblues
  4. Just Like Today
  5. The Drive
  6. For the Love of Doing It
  7. Lookin’
  8. Something (A Tribute to George Harrison)
  9. Just Like Today (Acoustic)
  10. Apple Jam (Acoustic)

Released 2021

For the Love of Doing It!
  1. Just Like Today
  2. Ef
  3. Apple Jam
  4. The Drive
  5. For the Love of Doing It
  6. Lookin’
  7. Take Them Panties Down
  8. Lost in Switzerland
  9. Something (A Tribute to George Harrison)
  10. Just Like Today (Acoustic)
  11. Apple Jam (Acoustic)
First Licks 1984-2004
  1. Jump Your Bones
  2. Feel It
  3. She’s a Lady
  4. Ultraflash
  5. Hacienda
  6. Bone Shaker
  7. Krakatoa Love
  8. Gamora
  9. Snows of Kilimanjaro
  10. See How She Runs
  11. Krakatoa Love (Another Eruption)
  12. Crushed Blue Velvet Sunset
  13. Nightblues

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