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Me with Boyz II Men, after photographing their performance at the Showcase Live venue at Gillette Stadium, from back in 2008

  • Haikus


    Here are some haiku poems.

  • Love, and Joy, and You

    Love, and Joy, and You

    A poem about my childhood of abuse.

  • “The Blue Light” by Gosinicc

    “The Blue Light” by Gosinicc

    Not gonna lie, I really miss Warped Tour. I miss the raw energy of the malcontents, singing and screaming their dissatisfaction with their unwitting indoctrination and the shitty hands they feel they’ve been dealt. Enter Gosinicc. Lead singer and songwriter Gosinicc (né Ethan Boggs) gives a performance that belies a gentle personality. The song starts…

  • F.R.O.G. in Double Trouble

    F.R.O.G. in Double Trouble

    As part of our Summer vacation we went canoeing in New Jersey’s Double Trouble State Park. To do this we enlisted the help of the Forked River Outdoor Group (F.R.O.G.) for canoe rentals and transportation. The phone representative was extremely helpful with scheduling our excursion on short notice. F.R.O.G. has a small rental office where…

  • Centralia, Pennsylvania

    Centralia, Pennsylvania

    On our way home from this Summer’s vacation we stopped in Centralia, Pennsylvania. This town’s story was an inspiration for the movie “Silent Hill”. There’s a fire burning in the mountain mines. Rather than try to tell you the story, I’ve included links to a rather comprehensive history of Centralia, Pennsylvania. While walking around the…

  • I Sound Fine

    I Sound Fine

    Here’s a poem of sorts about how I can’t really sing.

  • Digital Light Painting

    Digital Light Painting

    Thanks to a series of Humble Bundles I’ve gotten a pretty varied and fascinating collection of visual art programs. I paired them with my Huion tablet to create these images.

  • Circle Jerks

    Circle Jerks

    When I first started using Procreate on my iPad I got the idea for a bunch of faces all using the same semi-circle.

  • Memory


    Here’s a poem about the fallibility of memory.

  • On Your Feet

    On Your Feet

    Here’s a poem about what’s on your feet.

  • Sorta Like a Mix Tape

    Sorta Like a Mix Tape

    This is a concept for a series of mix tapes full of mostly love songs from the 1980s. I used an original Beastie Boys “Licensed to Ill” cassette as my reference for the cover art.

  • “In Love with You”

    “In Love with You”

    bE ART ··· I wrote a love song for my girlfriend. Keep in mind I don’t play any instruments and I’m not a singer. So I copy and pasted drum strikes to make a beat. Then everything started coming together.

  • Halloween Costume Ideas

    Halloween Costume Ideas

    bE ART ··· I doodled a collection of Halloween Costume ideas.

  • Vertigo


    I laid down a drum track with Strike® the other day. Then, yesterday, I sat down and created a few more layers of audio. The track now includes bass and electric guitar, and a synthesizer track. The synth is powered by the Revolta 2 virtual synthethizer within MAGIX Music Maker. The electric guitar was played…

  • Vertigo Drums

    Vertigo Drums

    I was experiencing a bout of vertigo when I went into the studio to try a new drumming program from Air Music Tech. The track is called “Vertigo Drums” as it was created under those conditions.

  • Hello?


    This was my one of my first attempts at creating a video with CrazyTalk Animator. In it a kid is a little scared about all the creaking and squeaking.

  • Talking Cat

    Talking Cat

    I was trying out CrazyTalk Animator and put together this cat video. It’s nothing to fancy but, well, “Does purr work for you?!”

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