• This series of backgrounds feature some pretty significant bokeh, typically coming from what looks to be a spaced out point. Click here for 77 goodsoundwaves spacey bokeh wallpaper.

  • These desktop wallpapers feature extruded-style protrusions of the digital sort. They look pretty good with the goodsoundwaves logo in front. Click here for 48 goodsoundwaves extruded wallpapers.

  • I got my hands on a bunch of licensed graphics that I made into desktop wallpapers. These spaced out wallpapers feature artistic interpretations of deep space. Click here for 92 goodsoundwaves spaced out wallpapers.

  • I got a bunch of licensed images to use for my creations. Here’s a bunch of simulated paper backgrounds with the goodsoundwaves logo. Click here for 14 goodsoundwaves paper-styled wallpapers.

  • Here’s a batch of new 4K wallpapers for your computer! They’re FREE to download and use! Show your goodsoundwaves love! Click here for 13 goodsoundwaves geometric wallpapers.

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