F.R.O.G. in Double Trouble

As part of our Summer vacation we went canoeing in New Jersey’s Double Trouble State Park. To do this we enlisted the help of the Forked River Outdoor Group (F.R.O.G.) for canoe rentals and transportation. The phone representative was extremely helpful with scheduling our excursion on short notice. F.R.O.G. has a small rental office where…

Centralia, Pennsylvania

On our way home from this Summer’s vacation we stopped in Centralia, Pennsylvania. This town’s story was an inspiration for the movie “Silent Hill”. There’s a fire burning in the mountain mines. Rather than try to tell you the story, I’ve included links to a rather comprehensive history of Centralia, Pennsylvania. While walking around the…

I Sound Fine

Here’s a poem of sorts about how I can’t really sing. I’m thinking about putting it to music. Then I’ll really show you!

Digital Light Painting

bE ART ··· Thanks to a series of Humble Bundles I’ve gotten a pretty varied and fascinating collection of visual art programs. I paired them with my Huion tablet to create these images.

Circle Jerks

bE ART ··· When I first started using Procreate on my iPad I got the idea for a bunch of faces all using the same semi-circle.


As has been illustrated in scientific journals, such as this paper, our memory is fallible. What we believe we remember may be a reconstruction from the bits and pieces that we actually remember. It’s as if the story happened the last way it was remembered, not necessarily how it actually happened. Here’s something that I wrote.

On Your Feet

I wrote this one afternoon while sitting with my feet up on my girlfriend’s couch. It’s basically a poem about what’s on your feet.


I keep having to look up different measurement divisions, so I opted to make my own list. This post will be updated with additional measurement units as I get the time. Length (Imperial) Unit Divisions 1 pica 12 points 1 inch 6 picas 1 foot 12 inches 1 yard 3 feet 1 mile 5280 feet…

Sorta Like a Mix Tape

This is a concept for a series of mix tapes full of mostly love songs from the 1980s. I used an original Beastie Boys “Licensed to Ill” cassette as my reference for the cover art.

X-Men in Timeline Order

Best I can figure, there are two possible timelines to follow for the movies. Both start out with the same two films but diverge from there.