Studio Family

As this home studio is my personal hobby project, I’m the one that does all the recording and mixing of sessions and episodes. There are some people, however, that help me figure out how to achieve my goals

The Other Guy

Podcast Co-Host

When I host episodes of our podcasts, I prefer to go by “The Other Guy” and let that episode’s featured host take the lead. I mostly focus on keeping the episodes on topic and helping to control the pace of interviews.

Cletus Stimpy

Podcast Co-Host

Cletus is an indie singer/songwriter with a great deal of performing experience. He’s here to bring his insight as an active musician with intimate knowledge of the local festival scene.

Session Musician

Cletus plays both drums and guitar, and he’s an active teacher for both instruments.

Joe Nock

Joe Nock

Podcast Co-Host

Joe’s a funny guy. He’s also an indie singer/songwriter. He’s a fan of Larry King’s interview style and is known to start off interviews with a question that may catch the guest off guard. Joe’s also the voice of the “This is goodsoundwaves” part of the audio clip at the beginning and end of all goodsoundwaves podcast content.

Joe Rodak

Session Musician

Joe is an experienced songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He excels at guitar and teaches guitar and bass lessons. He’s actively involved as one half of The 2 J’s acoustic duo. He’s come to be known as “Smokin’ Joe” because of his speed and accuracy playing.


Nicholas W.

The Inspiration

Nick’s the inspiration for the home studio experience. He told me that I was whistling off-key and the rest is history.

Session Musician

Nick is available to play the piano, trumpet, or euphonium. He played trumpet in his high school and college marching bands. He attended Kent State University for Music Education. He also has limited experience playing other instruments including saxophone and drums.

Amanda L.


Amanda helps out by doing voiceovers for podcasts, such as helping me introduce songs from The Anyhoos on the Sessions podcast. Amanda is also the voice of “Whatever sounds good.” at the beginning and end of all goodsoundwaves podcast content.

Friends of the Studio

Kristin Jenae

Kristin Jenae is a professional freelance writer and editor. She graduated from the University of Mount Union. Kristin is a poet who creates and performs spoken word and multimedia poetry.

Steven Craig

Steven is a singer/songwriter who plays piano and acoustic guitar. He’s recorded some of his songs here so I could get practice using my equipment. I’m looking forward to recording some of his new and revisited songs.

Julio Guidone

Julio is a rocker in every sense. He’s a retired Marine with vocals reminiscent of Dylan. He’s most at ease with performing classic rock covers. He was formally lead vocalist for The 2 J’s. I recorded him a couple of times while I figured out the basics of what I was trying to do.

Jesse Myers and The Anyhoos

I briefly met Jesse when he was first learning to play guitar; he was performing at our mutual friend’s coffee shop. His band, The Anyhoos, was the first that I recorded on location, outside of the controlled studio space. His bandmates, Vic, Toni, and Henry were all super friendly and made the experience a lot of fun.

Toni Claxton

Toni’s a drummer and percussionist. They’re active in the local music scene, currently helping goodsoundwaves connect and coordinate with other local artists.

Glenn W.

My dad has a huge beer can collection. Nearly all of the cans on my walls were his duplicates. The name for The Beer Can Wall podcast was inspired by his home bar décor.

Mr. Josh

Mr. Josh, conveniently living across the street, helps with small studio projects.

Kylee Richards

Kylee has been working with her brother Steven on bringing his musical ideas to life. She’s also gifted me the Lotus bass guitar.

Steven Richards III

Steven has been working on creating original music.

Justin W.

In Memoriam

Justin was enthusiastic about the home studio, often coming down after sessions to listen to the newest recordings. He was always eager to help with anything I asked of him; he had spent a good deal of his life working in construction and he helped a lot with building and finishing my home bar. For the last couple of years of his life he lived with my daughter and me. He passed unexpectedly on June 25, 2021. He was 39.