Local Artist Calendar

This calendar features local performances by friends of goodsoundwaves. These Northeast Ohio artists are performing at venues throughout the area.

  • goodsoundwaves ft. Joe Nock
    Here’s an amusing bit from Joe visiting my home studio for the first time. I put down a beat I had created and he did the humorous vocals. Thanks to Joe Nock for visiting and trying out the home studio.
  • Memory
    As has been illustrated in scientific journals, such as this paper, our memory is fallible. What we believe we remember may be a reconstruction from the bits and pieces that we actually remember. It’s as if the story happened the last way it was remembered, not necessarily how it actually happened. Here’s something that IContinue reading “Memory”
  • On Your Feet
    I wrote this one afternoon while sitting with my feet up on my girlfriend’s couch. Old kicks, new shoes, Bright whites, light blues, Ankle high, size three’s, Ugg boots, to your knees, High tops, high heels, Moccasins, back wheels, One swoosh, three stripes, All-Stars, all types, Boat shoes, just socks, Work boots, flip flops, SandalsContinue reading “On Your Feet”

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