N.E. Ohio Musician Friends

I have enjoyed one or more live performances from each of these northeast Ohio musicians, either on stage or in a studio.


Smokin’ Joe Rodak

Smokin’ Joe Rodak is a lifelong performer. He’s been playing guitar for around forty years. In August 2020 he released his “Best of” compilation of original songs. He’s currently performing as one half of “The 2 J’s”.


Stimpy’s Revenge

Stimpy’s Revenge is a local bar and festival scene band. The three piece band features a drummer (Cletus), guitarist (Toe Chin), and bassist with frequent contributions from other local talents.



Bosephus was a local bar scene rock band. This three piece band featured a drummer, a bassist (Ron Ceroski), and a guitarist who was also the lead vocalist.


Julio Guidone

Julio Guidone is a vocalist from Canton, Ohio. He’s been performing classic rock covers and originals, formerly as lead vocalist for “The 2 J’s” with Smokin’ Joe Rodak, in local venues for years.


Alicia Leigh Rogers

Alicia Leigh Rogers is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Massillon, Ohio. In addition to writing and performing, she operates the Ohio Music Scene (OHMS) Wiki with her husband and fellow musician, Paul Rogers.


Others I need to take pictures of…

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