Some Musician Friends

Smokin’ Joe Rodak

Smokin’ Joe Rodak is a lifelong performer. He’s been playing guitar for over fifty years. In August 2020 he released his “Best of” compilation of original songs. He’s currently performing as one half of “The 2 J’s”. points to the artist’s profile on goodsoundwaves.

The Anyhoos

The Anyhoos are a modern folk music band from Alliance, Ohio. They feature Jesse Myers on vocals and guitar, Victor Murdock on bass guitar and vocals, Toni Claxton on percussion, Henry Post on guitar, and Joe Rodak II on mandolin.

Cletus Stimpy

As the drummer for Stimpy’s Revenge, Cletus Stimpy was equally known for his precision on the drums and his bold and colorful style on the stage. He’s now working on solo projects and in the festival scene. He’s co-hosting episodes of the goodsoundwaves podcasts. points to the artist’s profile on goodsoundwaves.

The 2 J’s

The 2 J’s is a local band that performs originals and classic rock covers. Smokin’ Joe Rodak plays lead guitar for the group. Singer/songwriter J.Me.K. plays rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals. points to the artist’s profile on goodsoundwaves.

Joe Nock

Joe Nock is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, playing both guitar and piano. His voice is made for voice-overs! He’s co-hosting episodes of our goodsoundwaves podcast. points to the artist’s profile on goodsoundwaves.


binaryEXPLOSION is the name I use for my artistic creatings. I’m a novice musician that’s been experimenting with loops and digital mixing. My recordings are personal or experimental. Best I can tell, I don’t know how to play any instruments… so there’s that.

Other Artists

These artists have stopped by and recorded scratch tracks or recorded in support of another artist.

  • Steven Craig, Singer/Songwriter, Canton, Ohio
  • Chris Griffin, Songwriter/Guitarist, formerly of Louisville, Ohio
  • Julio Guidone, Singer, Canton, Ohio
  • Dave Metzger, Drums, Louisville, Ohio
  • Wayne Zarak, Drums, Louisville, Ohio
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