the goodsoundwaves podcast

the goodsoundwaves podcast

The audio podcast about whatever sounds good.

Topics could include anything having to do with music or audible performance, with guests hopefully to include musicians, studio owners, venue operators, recording and mixing engineers, producers, poets, and comedians.

Available Episodes

Episode 4 Davey Squires
Episode 2 Smokin' Joe Rodak
Episode 1 Introductions

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Upcoming Shows (tentative)

  1. A discussion with Spyro and the Dragonflies – indie band
  2. A discussion with Kristin Jenae – performance poetry
  3. A discussion with Dark Island – indie band
  4. A discussion with Steven Craig – singer/songwriter
  5. A discussion with The 2 J’s – blues/rock band
  6. A discussion with Dethrone the King – indie metal band
  7. A discussion with Zac Adams of Saint Lucius – indie artist
  8. A discussion with The Scenic Route – indie band
the goodsoundwaves podcast
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