The Other Guy

The Other Guy

Co-host of the goodsoundwaves podcast!

The Other Guy is an amateur singer/songwriter from Canton, Ohio.

He has very little music experience, however, he really appreciates and enjoys what others create. He has a background in computer information systems.

the goodsoundwaves podcast

Co-Host, Episode 3, Cletus Stimpy ■ March 7, 2022

Co-Host, Episode 2, Smokin’ Joe Rodak  ■ February 23, 2022

Co-Host, Episode 1, Introductions ■ February 7, 2022


The Other Guy is slowly learning to play guitar though he’s still up at the top of the neck. His singing has been described as “what the hell?!” and “why do you keep doing that?!” He has no rhythm.

Musical Interests

“I’m a huge fan of that indie poppy punk stuff, though I enjoy most everything. My current favorite bands include ‘Now, Now’, ‘Catfish and the Bottlemen’, ‘Tokyo Police Club’, and ‘Bad Suns’ or anyone really with that general kind of sound.”

Talk Show

Conan O’Brian and Craig Ferguson are two of The Other Guy’s favorite talk show hosts. Shows that help artists promote themselves and that engage in honest discussions with their guests, while finding ways to keep comedy in focus have long been his favorites.

Radio Role Model

“I grew up listening to Casey Kasem lay out the American Top 40 every Sunday morning throughout the first half of my childhood. I always loved his calm demeanor and his reassuring nature. I guess he’d be the radio personality I’d most like to draw on.”

In Summary

The Other Guy’s lack of musical experience coupled with his intense drive to learn makes him a good candidate for asking questions that could help other novices gain valuable insight into the creation, performance, and publication of music.

“I am eager to showcase Northeast Ohio’s talented artists and their creations.”

The Other Guy is excited to be sharing his love of music with you on our podcast!