goodsoundwaves Whatever sounds good.
A haiku
The home studio
Notes and beats come together
Music is born here
  • The studio was inspired by my son, Nicholas.
  • The name was inspired by my brother, Bryant.


Kind words about goodsoundwaves…

He wasn’t lyin when he said it sounds good


The Other Guy has recorded a Gosinicc live performance and interviewed us for free, which was great publicity for all of us. Overall a super cool guy to be around and he does so much for the local music scene! 10/10 would record with again 🙂

Toni Claxton

want to record your musical project with a studio that has genuine passion for your sound? Goodsoundwaves is the place to go. one on one style of personal touch on every track with nothing but respect and commitment to producing the best sound possible for you, Goodsoundwaves treats your songs like family! Goodsoundwaves is the […]

Joe Nock

Goodsoundwaves does some absolutely incredible work. From running an underground recording studio to recording entire live shows, it has become a really important part of the local music scene. The Other Guy (the man behind goodsoundwaves) is such a joy to be around. His passion is contagious. If you contact goodsoundwaves and get yourself recorded, […]

Jesse Myers

Goodsoundwaves is doing gods work for the local music scene. We need more people like The Other Guy. Goodsoundwaves recorded our band for completely free, and works out of passion and love for local music. The video and sound quality from the recording of every show featured are always fantastic.

Ethan Boggs

a one on one experience that will go as far as you want to take it, doesn’t that sound good, try it, you might be suprised

Cletus Stimpy

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