My son told me I whistle off-key.

So I started making music.

What was to become my studio started as a catch-all storage room in my basement.

One day I was standing in the doorway of the room daydreaming about what I could do with the space. Inspired by a sheet of glass leaning against the wall, I took some basic measurements and sketched out a rough blueprint for the counters and recording booth.

The window of the recording booth is the playfield glass from an old pinball machine. It’s tempered, so it’s not likely the original from the 1940’s or 50’s era amusement.

I don’t yet have much experience.

But I have a studio with some quality hardware and software.

I am excited to learn how to use that hardware and software to create.

I imagine I’ll enlist the help of musically inclined friends, family, and local musicians to bring it all together. It helps that two of my brothers play the drums and my son plays trumpet, saxophone, and piano. As I simply cannot sing, I may either have to look for (a) vocalist(s) to convey my words with meaning, or cross my fingers and hope for the best with pitch correction tools.

Since my start, I have found myself occasionally recording some local artist friends to get practice with the hardware and post processing. I have also put together some original tracks of questionable quality as


About that name…

When I was going through a rather difficult time as a teenager, my big brother made a mix tape of comforting music for me entitled “Good Sounding Sound Waves”. I always liked the name, but it would have made for a pretty long web address! So, with a little trim, goodsoundwaves was created.

I’m just a dude with some computer and mixer stuff in his basement.

Thank you.

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