The Home Studio

Motivated by my Son

My son told me I whistle off-key. While I was surprised to learn how blissfully out of tune my whistles were, the revelation motivated me to finally try learning to play an instrument, try whistling better, and maybe even try recording what I might come up with.

Named after a Mix Tape

When I was going through a rather difficult time as a teenager in the first half of the 1990s my big brother made me a mix tape entitled “Good Sounding Sound Waves”. It quickly became my go-to playlist.

I always liked the name he chose. When I decided on creating “goodsoundwaves” it was really just that tape’s title with a little trim.

Thanks go to my big brother.

The First Steps

I got some great deals on multimedia software, then I purchased a USB microphone. Once I had the basics figured out, I wanted to add more inputs. This led to the purchase of a TASCAM mixer/interface that would allow me to record from multiple XLR microphones.

Recording Friends

Once I had a proper mixer I approached several friends to try recording in my home studio. From mismatched frequencies to overlooked WORD clocks, I’ve been learning a lot about what could go wrong with a recording session! I’m still nowhere near pro, but I’ve been having a lot of fun being serenaded by my musician friends.

Where It’s At

After a couple years trying to learn what I can do with the help of my friends, I’ve learned a lot. goodsoundwaves is certainly still a hobby, but we’ve taken advantage of self publishing to get some new music out into the world. We’ve also started recording podcasts together. We’re going to keep having fun learning together.