• A.J. Kluth, PhD

    A.J. Kluth, PhD

    Musician, Doctor of Musicology I met A.J. when he added tenor sax to some tracks during a recording session for J.J Vicars. A.J. provided invaluable insight into how to mic for recording saxophone, which was something I hadn’t previously attempted. Case Western Reserve Faculty Recent Content featuring A.J.

  • Amanda


    Voiceovers, Production Assistant, My Better Half One of the ways Amanda helps out is by doing voiceovers for podcasts, such as helping me introduce songs from The Anyhoos on the SESSIONS podcast. She’s also the voice of “Whatever sounds good.” at the beginning and end of much of our original content. She’s also been known…

  • Ben Tennyson

    Ben Tennyson

    Musician I recently met Ben when he came to the home studio for a podcast episode. He them came back to record an episode of gsw SESSIONS. He’s a singer/songwriter that records, mixes and self-publishes his original tunes Ben plays bass guitar, ukulele, and piano. Recent Content featuring Ben

  • Bob Corlett

    Bob Corlett

    Musician I recently met Bob when he came in to lay down keys on a few new J.J. Vicars tracks. From my experience, he’s an excellent musician with an easy going personality. Bob plays piano. Recent Content featuring Bob

  • Bryant


    Big Brother In high school Bryant made me a mix tape titled “Good Sounding Sound Waves” from which I derived the studio’s name. Bryant plays guitar. Recent Content featuring Bryant

  • Chris Griffin

    Chris Griffin

    Musician Early on when I was getting the studio together, Chris came by and wowed my with his guitar playing skills. I gained valuable recording experience during his visit. He is a family friend. Chris plays guitar and fishes for bass. Recent Content featuring Chris

  • Chuck McHenry

    Chuck McHenry

    Musician I met Chuck when he joined an artist I was recording to lay down some baritone sax. It was exciting to see him and A.J. Kluth work out the parts and talk in their musical language. Chuck plays saxophone. Recent Content featuring Chuck

  • Coach Cletus

    Coach Cletus

    Podcast Co-Host, Studio Musician Cletus is an indie singer/songwriter with a great deal of live performing experience. He’s here to bring his insight as an active musician with intimate knowledge of the local festival scene. Cletus is a co-host of the goodsoundwaves podcast. He’s a goodsoundwaves studio musician, often contributing drum parts for other artists.…

  • Dave Metzger

    Dave Metzger

    Session Drummer Dave came to the home studio by request of the artist with whom I was working on a track. He was professional and a solid drummer. Dave plays a pretty mean double kick drum.

  • Davey Squires

    Davey Squires

    Singer, Songwriter, Podcast Guest Davey is a multi-instrumentalist. He has been touring with his musician friends as part of The Davey Squires Experience. He hosts a podcast and is active in the local music community. Recent Content featuring Davey Squires

  • Glenn


    The Father Figure My dad has a huge beer can collection. Nearly all of the cans on my walls were his duplicates. He’s helped goodsoundwaves is his own fatherly ways.

  • J.J. Vicars

    J.J. Vicars

    The Reverend Double J, Recording Artist J.J. is a Blues-Rock guitarist and vocalist. He records original music and has a great deal of live performing experience. I’ve had the opportunity to record several tracks with him and his supporting artists. His performance at Tiki Underground in November 2022 was the first goodsoundwaves SESSIONS video.…

  • J.Me.K


    Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist J.Me.K has recorded with goodsoundwaves as lead vocalist for The 2 J’s. She is a singer/songwriter and plays guitar and harmonica. Her smooth raspy voice compels you to listen. Recent Content featuring J.Me.K

  • Jesse Myers

    Jesse Myers

    Singer, Songwriter Jesse has recorded with goodsoundwaves as lead singer of The Anyhoos. His band performed for the first goodsoundwaves SESSIONS podcast episode. Jesse sings and plays guitar and piano.

  • Joe Nock

    Joe Nock

    Podcast Co-Host Joe is an indie singer/songwriter. He is a co-host on the goodsoundwaves podcast. Recent Content featuring Joe Nock

  • Josee McGee

    Josee McGee

    Singer, Songwriter I invited Josee to participate in the goodsoundwaves SESSIONS project based off my sister’s enthusiastic recommendation. Josee is a very capable guitar player who writes honest, relatable music. The real treat is when she starts singing; she has what must be a natural gift. What I can’t understand is how she’s not straight…

  • Josh


    Younger Brother Josh, conveniently living across the street from the home studio, helps with small studio projects. Josh plays drums. Recent Content featuring Josh

  • Julio Guidone

    Julio Guidone

    Vocalist Julio is a rocker in every sense. I recorded him a couple of times while I was figuring out the basics. He’s a retired Marine with vocals reminiscent of Dylan. He’s most at ease with performing classic rock covers. Julio was formerly lead vocalist for The 2 J’s. Recent Content featuring Julio Guidone

  • Justin


    Younger Brother Justin was a huge fan of local music. He actively encouraged me to pursue my vision with the home recording studio. He helped with the building of things in the studio. He also encouraged me to record Smokin’ Joe Rodak, which led to me meeting a bunch of local musicians. His spirit lives…

  • Kristin Jenae

    Kristin Jenae

    Poet, Recording Artist Kristin is a poet that has recorded with goodsoundwaves. She’s helped me wrap my mind around performance poetry. She graduated from Mount Union University. The photo is of her dog, Gus.

  • Kylee Richards

    Kylee Richards

    Musician Kylee is a singer/songwriter. I first met her when she stopped by to consult on a song with Smokin’ Joe Rodak. She’s since been back to work on projects with her brother, Steven. Kylee plays guitar. Recent Content featuring Kylee

  • Lauren Brabson

    Lauren Brabson

    Singer, Songwriter, Podcast Guest Lauren is a singer/songwriter from Barberton, Ohio. She released her first original music in 2022. She has been actively performing and sharing her art. Lauren sings and plays guitar. Visit Lauren’s Facebook Recent Content featuring Lauren Brabson

  • Lisa Nielson, PhD

    Lisa Nielson, PhD

    Musician, “Not THAT Kind of Doctor” I met Lisa when she was tracking bass guitar for J.J. Vicars. She projected an aura of thoughtful kindness and humble intellect. Lisa is a historical musicologist, the first Anisfield-Wolf SAGES fellow, and a Lecturer for the Department of Music, College of Arts and Sciences at Case Western Reserve University.…

  • Mark


    Advisor Mark is a friend who has been advising on life’s more important moments since long before goodsoundwaves was ever an idea. He’s always preaching insurance, and it was that energy that got me carrying my gear in the right kinds of cases. His life adventure has riddled him with invaluable wisdom. Ouch. Recent Content…

  • Nicholas


    Inspiration, Artist, Studio Musician Nick’s the inspiration for the home studio. My son told me I was whistling off key and the rest is history. He marched for his high school and college marching bands, playing the trumpet. The symbol I affectionately call the “Brass Clef” was drawn by him; I think it’s brilliant. He’s…

  • Rachel Reeder

    Rachel Reeder

    Producer, Production Assistant Rachel encouraged me to start the first version of goodsoundwaves when I first told her about the original idea over a decade ago. She joined me in interviews, helped find artists to consider, wrote album reviews, and recorded video footage at early performances. Rachel passed early in life, when her childhood cancer returned. Her spirit…

  • Rich Moore

    Rich Moore

    Musician, Conductor I met Rich when an artist I was recording arranged for him to play drums for a recording session. He was polite, courteous, and a proficient drummer. Rich studied Instrumental Conducting at Kent State University.

  • Ron Cerosky

    Ron Cerosky

    Musician I met Ron when he played bass for Lo-Watt Radio, a Northeast Ohio Americana band. Afterwards, I photographed him rockin’ hard as a member of Bosephus. I most recently photographed him playing bass as a part of The Greasy Boys. He was an important part of the original goodsoundwaves experience. That was back around…

  • Si:ʤeɪ


    Musician, Production Assistant Si:ʤeɪ is a friend that can often be found helping with studio projects. He’s currently working on his first official release of original music. Si:ʤeɪ is a singer/songwriter and plays guitar.

  • Smokin’ Joe Rodak

    Smokin’ Joe Rodak

    Studio Musician, Recording Artist Joe is an experienced songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He teaches guitar and bass. He’s come to be known as “Smokin’ Joe” because of his perceived speed and accuracy on guitar. Joe has introduced me to several artists that had recorded with goodsoundwaves. Recent Content featuring Smokin’ Joe Rodak

  • Steven Craig

    Steven Craig

    Musician Steve is a singer/songwriter. His style tends towards traditional country with relatable themes, such as the price of gas or nostalgia. Steven plays piano and guitar. Recent Content featuring Steven Craig

  • Steven Richards III

    Steven Richards III

    Musician Steven has spent some time playing around with beats and samples while at the home studio. He works with his sister, Kylee Richards. Recent Content featuring Steven Richards III

  • Toni DeVoe

    Toni DeVoe

    Musician Toni DeVoe (né Claxton) is a percussionist. I met and recorded audio of them when they were playing drums for The Anyhoos. I’ve since, taped video of them playing drums and percussion for Gosinicc. Toni plays drums, percussion and piano. Recent Content featuring Toni

  • Victor Murdock

    Victor Murdock

    Recording Artist I’ve recorded Victor several times as part of The Anyhoos. He plays bass with an energy that makes watching as much fun as listening. Victor plays bass guitar and provides backing vocals. Recent Content featuring Victor Murdock

  • Wayne Zarak

    Wayne Zarak

    Session Drummer I met Wayne when he came to goodsoundwaves to lay drums on another artist’s project. He’s a self-taught musician with a great deal of passion for music. Wayne plays the drums.

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