Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

I’ve always had dangerously little rhythm. Dribbling a basketball? I’d kick the ball. Bustin’ a dance move? I’m stepping on both your feet. Keeping a beat? That part’s at least hopeful.

As an option for whatever the hell it is I think I’m creating, the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit has already proven to be a lot of fun.

It comes with a 10″ snare and three 8″ toms with a few cymbals included (hi-hat, ride, and crash). The ride and crash cymbals have sensors on them to enable choke. I maxed mine out by plugging in another 8″ tom and another cymbal with choke into their respective available ports on the kit’s control unit.

Also included is a pedal for the hi-hat control as well as an 8″ bass drum and the requisite pedal. I don’t remember whether or not any sticks were included.

When connecting to my audio interface by a pair of TRS cables, the drums can’t be individually tweaked after recording. I have not experimented with the capabilities of the USB connection.

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