goodsoundwaves is announcing this EP release from the home studio, “reMastered”, which features “In Love with You” and three other tracks that may sound better than the originals. As a bonus (?), the one-off track “Chess Club September 2020” is included. These are all original songs from Northeast Ohio’s binaryEXPLOSION. These track were recorded in…

I Sound Fine

Here’s a poem of sorts about how I can’t really sing. I’m thinking about putting it to music. Then I’ll really show you!

Digital Light Painting

Thanks to a series of Humble Bundles I’ve gotten a pretty varied and fascinating collection of visual art programs. I paired them with my Huion tablet to create these images.

Circle Jerks

When I first started using Procreate on my iPad I got the idea for a bunch of faces all using the same semi-circle.

Opening Harley Davidson 1993 Beer Can in 2022

I needed the sound of a beer can opening for a project I’m working on. My dad suggested I try this duplicate can from his collection. It’s not often that I get to open an old can as most have already been emptied from the bottom to preserve the seal. I ultimately combined the sounds…

binaryEXPLOSION – In Love with You

goodsoundwaves is eager to announce this Single release from the home studio, “In Love with You“, an original song from Northeast Ohio’s binaryEXPLOSION.

binaryEXPLOSION – Vertigo

goodsoundwaves is pleased to announce this Single release from the home studio, “Vertigo“, an original song from Northeast Ohio’s binaryEXPLOSION.

“In Love with You”

bE ART ··· I wrote a love song for my girlfriend. Keep in mind I don’t play any instruments and I’m not a singer. So I copy and pasted drum strikes to make a beat. Then everything started coming together.


When we were about to get to the Lincoln Tunnel my phone was clipped to the passenger side visor to record the experience. This was repeated as we left the city, and through each of the four tunnels through Pennsylvania mountains along our route home. Rather than share our conversation, I replaced the audio with…


I laid down a drum track with Strike® the other day. Then, yesterday, I sat down and created a few more layers of audio. The track now includes bass and electric guitar, and a synthesizer track. The synth is powered by the Revolta 2 virtual synthethizer within MAGIX Music Maker. The electric guitar was played…