The goodsoundwaves UPDATE is a new video program highlighting what’s happening with goodsoundwaves, as well as the local music scene. This project is currently in development. Thank you for your interest!

goodsoundwaves Updates

Here are some posts about goodsoundwaves.

  • 4K Spacey Bokeh Wallpaper

    This series of backgrounds feature some pretty significant bokeh, typically coming from what looks to be a spaced out point. Click here for 77 goodsoundwaves spacey bokeh wallpaper.

  • 4K Extruded Wallpapers

    These desktop wallpapers feature extruded-style protrusions of the digital sort. They look pretty good with the goodsoundwaves logo in front. Click here for 48 goodsoundwaves extruded wallpapers.

  • 4K Spaced Out Wallpapers

    I got my hands on a bunch of licensed graphics that I made into desktop wallpapers. These spaced out wallpapers feature artistic interpretations of deep space. Click here for 92 goodsoundwaves spaced out wallpapers.

  • 4K Paper Wallpapers

    I got a bunch of licensed images to use for my creations. Here’s a bunch of simulated paper backgrounds with the goodsoundwaves logo. Click here for 14 goodsoundwaves paper-styled wallpapers.

  • 4K Geometric Wallpapers

    Here’s a batch of new 4K wallpapers for your computer! They’re FREE to download and use! Show your goodsoundwaves love! Click here for 13 goodsoundwaves geometric wallpapers.

  • Hello, 2023!

    Last year was the first full year of recording artists in my little home studio. This year will be my first full year of recording artists on location, and for recording video of performances. This will be the second year of the goodsoundwaves podcast. There’s a fun year ahead. We are currently trying to complete…

  • goodsoundwaves Facebook

    Back when Meta deleted my Facebook account, they also took away access to the original goodsoundwaves Facebook page. Now that my personal account has gone on for a while without being arbitrarily suspended or deleted, I have gone and created a new goodsoundwaves page. For the branding I went ahead and created some new…

  • Some Recording Progress

    Since I got started with this hobby (back in early December) I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time toying with that Tascam Model 16 mixer. I feel like it took me longer than I think it should have for me to figure how to get it to send sound to and from my DAW…

  • It Sounds Good to Me

    This site is a personal hobby that intends to focus on the creation and performance of sound. What does that mean to me? For Musicians For Comedians For Poets For Readers This site is intended to represent my home studio, which I’ve affectionately named “goodsoundwaves”. As for the name, it’s a pretty simple story. Over…

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