PreSonus Notion 6

As a person with no experience with music other than some elementary school music classes, this program is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I have actually begun composing original music. Notion lets you play your midi keyboard, enter notes individually, or even draw on the staff!

I Sound Fine

Here’s a poem of sorts about how I can’t really sing. I’m thinking about putting it to music. Then I’ll really show you!

goodsoundwaves E004 – Davey Squires

In our fourth installment we interview local musician and podcast host Davey Squires.  Coach Cletus and The Other Guy co-host this conversation with a local scene fixture. He’s winding down his “California 99” national tour. We talked about his tour as well as his local music involvement. We’re introduced to one of his favorite instruments…

PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional

I originally started with Studio One 4 Artist. PreSonus gave me a free upgrade to Studio One 5 Artist. I had been wanting to try the Professional edition, so I went ahead and made the upgrade thru PreSonus Sphere.

Digital Light Painting

bE ART ··· Thanks to a series of Humble Bundles I’ve gotten a pretty varied and fascinating collection of visual art programs. I paired them with my Huion tablet to create these images.

Circle Jerks

bE ART ··· When I first started using Procreate on my iPad I got the idea for a bunch of faces all using the same semi-circle.

Drums 001

DOWNLOADS ··· For the first free download I’ve included 17 files. There are a couple basic kick drum loops and some various others that are mostly the tops.

Cletus Stimpy – Savin’ Our Lives

goodsoundwaves is excited to announce the newest Single release from the home studio, “Savin’ Our Lives”, an original song from Northeast Ohio’s Cletus Stimpy.

Sessions E001 – The Anyhoos

In late April goodsoundwaves took a short drive to Alliance, Ohio to record our friends, The Anyhoos, at their rehearsal session. This recording has been made into the first Sessions podcast! This was the first time that I ever recorded audio on location. I recorded this with a Zoom H4n field recorder and three Behringer…

BeerCanWall E001 – Aliens

Yup, aliens. Our first episode is pretty disorganized and – as promised – unresearched. Cletus reflects on his innate curiosities, the Other Guy recollects an extraordinary experience shared with his son, and Vic recounts an experience when he and his traveling companion lost days in a bewildering instant. It’s a pretty short listen. We’re considering…

Opening Harley Davidson 1993 Beer Can in 2022

I needed the sound of a beer can opening for a project I’m working on. My dad suggested I try this duplicate can from his collection. It’s not often that I get to open an old can as most have already been emptied from the bottom to preserve the seal. I ultimately combined the sounds…