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Indré – Tomorrow

Continuing with their different styles of video for each of their songs, the fourth music video from the local band Indré is kinda trippy. The video for “Tomorrow” appears to be done as some sort of stop motion video with…

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When we were about to get to the Lincoln Tunnel my phone was clipped to the passenger side visor to record the experience. This was repeated as we left the city, and through each of the four tunnels through Pennsylvania…

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Vertigo Drums

I was experiencing a bout of vertigo when I went into the studio to try a new drumming program from Air Music Tech. The track is called “Vertigo Drums” as it was created under those conditions.

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I don’t post frequently. When I do, it seems to be about my gear and software, or some of the stuff I create.

BinaryExplosion.studio updates may also be included.

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