• Rooster Jones @ K.C.’s Nashville Nights 2023

    Rooster Jones @ K.C.’s Nashville Nights 2023

    I recently took my first trip to K.C.’s Nashville Nights in Akron, Ohio. I was there to record Rooster Jones as they delivered their signature style of Southern and Classic Rock songs. Here’s all fifteen tracks from their first set of the night. The house audio engineer, Mark Wise, was enjoyable and fun to work…


  • Rooster Jones @ KC’s Nashville Nights

    Rooster Jones @ KC’s Nashville Nights

    Last Friday night I had the opportunity to photography Rooster Jones as they played at K.C.’s Nashville Nights in Akron, Ohio. These guys play a mix of southern and classic rock covers. Click here to view all the available photos.

  • Ben Tennyson @ goodsoundwaves 2023

    Ben Tennyson @ goodsoundwaves 2023

    Local artist Ben Tennyson stopped by the home studio to perform six original songs for the goodsoundwaves SESSIONS video series!


  • The Greasy Boys @ Old 97 Café 2023

    The Greasy Boys @ Old 97 Café 2023

    I photographed The Greasy Boys playing at The Old 97 Café in Akron, Ohio. I was invited to the show by my friend, and their bassist, Ron Cerosky. If you’ve been keeping up, you might remember he played bass for Lo-Watt Radio, which was the first band we ever covered. It was great to see…

  • gsw E008 – Ben Tennyson

    gsw E008 – Ben Tennyson

    Ben Tennyson is a singer/songwriter from Stow, Ohio that is currently working on completing his debut album. He’s a multi-instrumentalist that plays most of the parts on his releases, with collaborations focusing mainly on having a friend help him achieve a particular part of his vision.

  • Cletus Stimpy @ goodsoundwaves 2023

    Cletus Stimpy @ goodsoundwaves 2023

    Coach Cletus sat down with his best buddy Davey Squires to record our newest SESSIONS episode. Cletus sings and plays guitar with Davey accompanying him on the melodica. Here’s the same performance, as edited by Davey Squires.

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  • gsw E007 – Gosinicc

    gsw E007 – Gosinicc

    I recently got to sit down and talk with four of the five members of Gosinicc, an angst-laden hard rocking band of polite, thoughtful misfits. In this episode of the goodsoundwaves podcast I host a conversation with the band as I get to know a little about who they are, where they came from, and…

  • Davey Squires @ goodsoundwaves 2023

    Davey Squires @ goodsoundwaves 2023

    Davey Squires is a staple in the local music scene. He’s adept at many aspects of audio production beyond performing. When he is performing it’s often with his supporting trio as Davey Squires and Friends. Davey and the crew stopped by goodsoundwaves to record a SESSIONS episode, replete with flashy lights and alien glasses. Joins…

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  • The Most Beautiful Losers @ Buzzbin 2023

    The Most Beautiful Losers @ Buzzbin 2023

    As part of the Friday show at Buzzbin, we captured a set by The Most Beautiful Losers. In this video singer/songwriter Chris Bentley leads his group of musicians through a 40 minute energetic rock experience.


  • The Anyhoos @ Buzzbin 2023

    The Anyhoos @ Buzzbin 2023

    The Anyhoos performed a set of original songs at Buzzbin on Kenmore Blvd. in Akron. It was a lively show with the drummer from The Most Beautiful Losers sitting in. Jesse Myers played guitar and sang lead with Victor Murdock providing backing vocals and bass.

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  • Gosinicc @ Buzzbin 2023

    Gosinicc @ Buzzbin 2023

    On a recent Friday night in January, goodsoundwaves took a trip to Buzzbin’s new Kenmore location to capture Gosinicc’s rock performance. Ethan Boggs and his band put on a show filled with angst and energy. Gosinicc is singer/songwriter Ethan Boggs (aka Gosinicc), bassist Nicc, lead guitarist Triggy, guitarist Hank, and drummer/percussionist Toni DeVoe. Audio for…

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  • gsw E006 – Lauren Brabson

    gsw E006 – Lauren Brabson

    Coach Cletus and The Other Guy had the opportunity to interview Barberton, Ohio’s singer/songwriter Lauren Brabson. Join use as we learn about how she got started in music as well as the story behind the songs on her first release, “Sad Girl Blues”. She also talks to us about her album “Gypsy” which, like “Sad…

  • The Scenic Route @ Jerzees 2023

    The Scenic Route @ Jerzees 2023

    On Friday the 13th of January 2023, The Scenic Route performed at Jerzees in Belden Village. Their set consisted mostly of covers with a few originals included. I had problems with the recording from the field recorder I had connected to the stage mixer, so a lot of what you hear was captured with the…

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  • Lauren Brabson @ goodsoundwaves 2023

    Lauren Brabson @ goodsoundwaves 2023

    Lauren Brabson is a singer/songwriter from Barberton, Ohio. Last year was an eventful year for Lauren, with her first realease, “Sad Girl Blues”, followed shortly by her full length album, “Gypsy”. She visited goodsoundwaves to record a podcast episode and to perform a selection of her original songs, including an exclusive track or two.

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  • The Scenic Route @ Jerzees 2022

    The Scenic Route @ Jerzees 2022

    Back in May, my lady and I went to watch The Scenic Route perform at Jerzees in the Belden Village part of Canton, Ohio. I took some pictures with my cell phone and processed them in Lightroom. Here’s some selections.

  • Josee McGee @ goodsoundwaves.com 2022

    Josee McGee @ goodsoundwaves.com 2022

    I was describing this video series to my sister when she recommended I reach out to a particular singer/songwriter she knew of from her not-too-distant barista days. So, thanks to her, I get to present to you Josee McGee, a gifted musician with a soothingly soulful voice.

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  • Joe Nock @ goodsoundwaves 2023

    Joe Nock @ goodsoundwaves 2023

    I encouraged my friend Joe Nock to come over and play something for the camera. He’s a funny guy with a fantastic voice. For this video he sat on the drum throne behind the Alesis electronic drums, and had some fun with the kick drum. This performance consists of pieces of several of his different…

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  • Lo-Watt Radio @ Kent Folk Fest 2011

    Lo-Watt Radio @ Kent Folk Fest 2011

    The first time I photographed Lo-Watt Radio was at the 2011 Kent Folk Fest in Kent, Ohio. We had previously met during our very first attempt to record video of a band interview in my apartment basement. Here are some photos from their performance, from back in 2011.


  • Lo-Watt Radio @ Kent Stage 2011

    Lo-Watt Radio @ Kent Stage 2011

    In November of 2011, I photographed Lo-Watt Radio as they performed on the Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio. It was a fun show with a lively audience. Here are pictures from their set.

  • The 2 J’s @ Sadie Renee’s 2013

    The 2 J’s @ Sadie Renee’s 2013

    In August of 2013 my son and I took photos of The 2 J’s performing at Sadie Renee’s in Canton, Ohio. At the time the group consisted of Smokin’ Joe Rodak and Julio Guidone.

  • Stimpy’s Revenge @ Freakstomp 2018

    Stimpy’s Revenge @ Freakstomp 2018

    Back in mid-August of 2018 I travelled to Freakstomp to take some pictures of Stimpy’s Revenge. It turned out they were playing under a big carnival tent with a small but decent crowd enjoying their tunes.

  • Velcats @ Stone Tavern 2012

    Velcats @ Stone Tavern 2012

    Going through some older photos, I found several of Velcats performing at Stone Tavern in Kent, Ohio on October 26, 2012. I was actually at Stone Tavern to take pictures of Bosephus whose bassist, Ron Cerosky, was a part of Lo-Watt Radio, the first band involved with goodsoundwaves. CLICK HERE for the full series of…

  • gsw E005 – J.J. Vicars

    gsw E005 – J.J. Vicars

    CHECK BACK SOON FOR AN UPDATED EPISODE!!! The Reverend Double J sat down with Coach Cletus and The Other Guy for some questions. J.J. Vicars shares about his influences, inspirations, instruments, and more in this 45 minute episode. Background instrumental tracks are from J.J.’s earlier releases. All are available for purchase (and some optionally for…

  • J.J. Vicars @ Tiki Underground 2022

    J.J. Vicars @ Tiki Underground 2022

    We recently recorded audio and video of our friend, local recording artist, J.J. Vicars, as he performed a non-stop three hour set at Tiki Underground in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. J.J. performed in front of a packed house. There was a lot of energy in the room. He played high tempo songs with precision for a…

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  • gsw E004 – Davey Squires

    gsw E004 – Davey Squires

    In our fourth installment we interview local musician and podcast host Davey Squires.  Coach Cletus and The Other Guy co-host this conversation with a local scene fixture. He’s winding down his “California 99” national tour. We talked about his tour as well as his local music involvement. We’re introduced to one of his favorite instruments…

  • Sessions E001 – The Anyhoos

    Sessions E001 – The Anyhoos

    In late April goodsoundwaves took a short drive to Alliance, Ohio to record our friends, The Anyhoos, at their rehearsal session. This recording has been made into the first Sessions podcast! DOWNLOAD the performance for FREE This was the first time that I ever recorded audio on location. I recorded this with a Zoom H4n…

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  • gsw E003 – Cletus Stimpy

    gsw E003 – Cletus Stimpy

    Massillon, Ohio musician Cletus Stimpy joins us for a discussion about his experience with music, as well as his current and his future plans. Cletus Stimpy survived brain surgery, maintaining his playing abilities. He’s now a part of the informal effort to bring live music back to Ohio. Stimpy would like to give a shout…

  • gsw E002 – Smokin’ Joe Rodak

    gsw E002 – Smokin’ Joe Rodak

    In this episode of the goodsoundwaves podcast your hosts interview Alliance Ohio’s Smokin’ Joe Rodak.  He’s been playing guitar for over 50 years and teaching for more than 40.  Smokin’ Joe has taught countless local artists how to play guitar and bass.  He’s been in at least a dozen bands and he’s working on new material with…

  • gsw E001 – Introductions

    gsw E001 – Introductions

    In our first official podcast episode our hosts take turns introducing themselves and the show. Joe Nock starts us off, with The Other Guy following. The podcast is closed out with an original song, “Devil’s Park Bench” by Joe Nock. Thank you for listening!

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