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  • gsw E008 – Ben Tennyson

    gsw E008 – Ben Tennyson

    Ben Tennyson is a singer/songwriter from Stow, Ohio that is currently working on completing his debut album. He’s a multi-instrumentalist that plays most of the parts on his releases, with collaborations focusing mainly on having a friend help him achieve a particular part of his vision.

  • gsw E007 – Gosinicc

    gsw E007 – Gosinicc

    I recently got to sit down and talk with four of the five members of Gosinicc, an angst-laden hard rocking band of polite, thoughtful misfits. In this episode of the goodsoundwaves podcast I host a conversation with the band as I get to know a little about who they are, where they came from, and…

  • gsw E006 – Lauren Brabson

    gsw E006 – Lauren Brabson

    Coach Cletus and The Other Guy had the opportunity to interview Barberton, Ohio’s singer/songwriter Lauren Brabson. Join use as we learn about how she got started in music as well as the story behind the songs on her first release, “Sad Girl Blues”. She also talks to us about her album “Gypsy” which, like “Sad…

  • gsw E005 – J.J. Vicars

    gsw E005 – J.J. Vicars

    CHECK BACK SOON FOR AN UPDATED EPISODE!!! The Reverend Double J sat down with Coach Cletus and The Other Guy for some questions. J.J. Vicars shares about his influences, inspirations, instruments, and more in this 45 minute episode. Background instrumental tracks are from J.J.’s earlier releases. All are available for purchase (and some optionally for…

  • gsw E004 – Davey Squires

    gsw E004 – Davey Squires

    In our fourth installment we interview local musician and podcast host Davey Squires.  Coach Cletus and The Other Guy co-host this conversation with a local scene fixture. He’s winding down his “California 99” national tour. We talked about his tour as well as his local music involvement. We’re introduced to one of his favorite instruments…

  • gsw E003 – Cletus Stimpy

    gsw E003 – Cletus Stimpy

    Massillon, Ohio musician Cletus Stimpy joins us for a discussion about his experience with music, as well as his current and his future plans. Cletus Stimpy survived brain surgery, maintaining his playing abilities. He’s now a part of the informal effort to bring live music back to Ohio. Stimpy would like to give a shout…

  • gsw E002 – Smokin’ Joe Rodak

    gsw E002 – Smokin’ Joe Rodak

    In this episode of the goodsoundwaves podcast your hosts interview Alliance Ohio’s Smokin’ Joe Rodak.  He’s been playing guitar for over 50 years and teaching for more than 40.  Smokin’ Joe has taught countless local artists how to play guitar and bass.  He’s been in at least a dozen bands and he’s working on new material with…

  • gsw E001 – Introductions

    gsw E001 – Introductions

    In our first official podcast episode our hosts take turns introducing themselves and the show. Joe Nock starts us off, with The Other Guy following. The podcast is closed out with an original song, “Devil’s Park Bench” by Joe Nock. Thank you for listening!

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