Cletus Stimpy – Savin’ Our Lives

gsw SINGLE ··· goodsoundwaves is excited to announce the newest Single release from the home studio, “Savin’ Our Lives”, an original song from Northeast Ohio’s Cletus Stimpy.

E001 – Aliens

BeerCanWall ··· Yup, aliens. Our first episode is pretty disorganized and – as promised – unresearched. Cletus reflects on his innate curiosities, the Other Guy recollects an extraordinary experience shared with his son, and Vic recounts an experience when he and his traveling companion lost days in a bewildering instant. It’s a pretty short listen….

E003 – Cletus Stimpy

gsw PODCAST ··· Massillon, Ohio musician Cletus Stimpy joins us for a discussion about his experience with music, as well as his current and his future plans. Cletus Stimpy survived brain surgery, maintaining his playing abilities. He’s now a part of the informal effort to bring live music back to Ohio. Stimpy would like to…